Jean Lambert

Function Member
Phone Brussels+32-2-2845507
Phone Strasbourg+33-3-88175507

European Parliament
ASP 08G107
Rue Wiertz
B- 1047 Brussels

European Parliament
LOW T05087
Allée du Printemps - B.P. 1024/F
F-67070 Strasbourg Cedex

Party The Green Party of England and Wales
CountryUnited Kingdom
Greens / EFA Group Member
Committees Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (Substitute Member)
Employment and Social Affairs (Member)
Employment and Social Affairs (Coordinator)
Delegations India (Substitute Member)
Afghanistan (Substitute Member)
South Asia (Chair)
Social Media


  • Member of the UK Green Party since 1977
  • Speaker for the Green Party of England and Wales, 1992-93 and 1998-1999
  • Chair of the Green Party Executive in 1994
  • Author of No Change? No Chance!  
  • Member of the Campaign for Climate Change Advisory Board
  • Involvement in Charter 88, the Hansard Society, the Dalit Solidarity Network, Make Votes Count, Justice and the Waltham Forest Race Equality Council
  • First woman to chair the board of a building society in the UK (Ecology Building Society).
  • Was voted 2005 MEP of the year in the field of Justice and Human Rights
  • Member of the European Parliament since 1999


Relevant Articles

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Food culture

Join the food revolution

Food is essential. We need it for our lives, health and well being. Good food is political. Join us in our fight for increased public awareness, personal engagement and participative democracy in determining and improving food policies throughout Europe.

Green jobs

European Parliament calls for measures supporting green job creation

The European Parliament today adopted a report on green jobs drafted by Greens/EFA MEP and Green emp...

Green jobs

Will the EU lead the transition or watch from the side lines?

The European Parliament’s Employment and Social Affairs Committee adopted Tuesday 16 June a report on green employment. Driven by Green draftswoman Jean Lambert, the report looks at how to tap into the job creation potential of the green economy.

The situation in Nepal after the earthquakes

Greens/EFA motion for resolution

Tabled by Jean Lambert, Barbara Lochbihler, Ernest Urtasun on behalf of the Greens/EFA group The Eur...

Beyond Dublin


Rethinking Europe's Asylum System

What is the alternative to the dysfunctional Dublin system? The Greens/EFA hearing explores new pathways towards a fair asylum system in Europe. Distribution quotas for asylum seekers are not enough. The Dublin system must be replaced by a system in which all Member States share responsibility for asylum seekers and which takes into account ties asylum seekers might already have in a certain Member State.

Plight of Rohingya refugees, including mass graves in Thailand

Greens/EFA motion for resolution

Tabled by Barbara Lochbihler, Jean Lambert, Ernest Urtasun, Bodil Ceballos on behalf of the Gre...

Developing an alternative approach to security and counterterrorism


Greens/EFA conference

The Greens/EFA are organizing an event on developing an alternative approach to security and counterterrorism following the recent tragic events and extreme proposals put forward by Member States and the Commission

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Proposals timid and inconsistent

The European Commission today presented a new package of measures on migration. The proposals do not...

Refugees in the Mediterranean and the EU's duty


LIVE - Press conference 29 April 2015 10:30-11:00

Destruction of cultural sites perpetrated by ISIS/Da’esh

Greens/EFA motion for resolution

Tabled by Michèle Rivasi, Pascal Durand, Helga Trüpel, Ernest Maragall, Michel Reimon, Jordi ...

Second anniversary of the Rana Plaza building collapse and progress of the Bangladesh Sustainability Compact

Greens/EFA motion for resolution

Tabled by Jean Lambert, Ska Keller, Yannick Jadot, Ulrike Lunacek, Monika Vana, Karima Delli, Judith...