European Parliament demands protection for whistleblowers uncovering fraud in the EU budget

A strong signal to the European Commission

The report focusses on the crucial role played by whistleblowers in preventing and uncovering fraud and mismanagement of the EU budget.

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Monti Report

Reform of EU's own resources system urgently needed

The report marks the end of the mandate of the High-Level Working Group Own Resource to develop recommendations for the reform of the income side of the EU budget.

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Greens/EFA Round up

Debriefing of the Strasbourg plenary week 24-27 October 2016

Greens/EFA priorities for the Strasbourg Plenary included: Breaches of democracy, rule of law, fundamental rights; Commission Work Programme; Corporate Tax package; Democracy and press freedom Hungary; Key debate on conclusions of European Council; Debate on situation of journalists in Turkey; EU budget 2017; 2016 Sakharov Prize winner; CETA trade deal on hold (Thursday)


EU Budget

Parliament takes step in the right direction

The European Parliament today voted on the 2017 budget and the revision of the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF), backing several amendments from the Greens/EFA Group. Among these are the freezing of 20% of the pot in the EU Commission's budget from which former EU commissioners are paid a trans...

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Are EU funds and market-based instruments fighting climate change in Eastern EU countries?


Greens/EFA organise a conference on EU energy & climate governance. Watch it online today Wednesday 28 September 15:00-18:30!



The Greens/EFA Group


General Expenditure Allowance

European Parliament demands full transparency over how MEPs spend public funds

Today the plenary of the European Parliament adopted a demand for full transparency of the General Expenditure Allowance - the 4,320 EUR that Members of the European Parliament receive each month to cover their office costs. Voting on the Discharge of the European Parliament, Benedek Jávor, the sh...


EU budget

€3bn spent without control as EU Council refuses parliamentary accountability

Pascal Durand, Greens/EFA MEP, explains why he was forced to vote against his own report on the Council's budget accountability.

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Money lost to tax evasion is worth whole EU budget

Press release from EFA MEP Ernest Maragall (Catalonia)

MEP Ernest Maragall has welcomed a series of recommendations approved by the European Parliament to tackle corporate tax evasion, following a special committee of enquiry of which he is a substitute member. MEP Ernest Maragall The vote comes on the same day that the European Parliament gave its...


Structural and cohesion policy

EU's cohesion policy goals must not become a hostage of economic cycles

The European Parliament today adopted a report on EU structural and investment funds (1). The report sets out the EP's position on a proposal by the European Commission to directly link EU member states' macroeconomic stability with the payment of EU Cohesion Funds. Commenting on the outcome of vote...


Greek bailout

Democratic control is essential

Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras has written to European Parliament president Martin Schulz, calling for a stronger involvement of the Parliament in the supervision of the latest Greek aid programme. While the Greens have been critical of the terms of the latest programme, they expressed their fu...

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Still time to strike win-win deal with Greece

Press release from EFA MEP Ernest Maragall (Catalonia)

MEP Ernest Maragall, a member of the European Parliament's Budgets Committee, has said that a 'win-win' solution is still possible that will allow Greece to remain in the Euro, if both the EU and Greek government are willing to recognise that there is still time and space for a real dialogue. "...