Disarm the secret corporate deals


Citizens across Europe and the US are waking up to the threats associated with corporate deals like TTIP, CETA & TiSA. Since the Snowden revelations, Greens have strongly resisted efforts to start TTIP negotiations, which present yet another assault on our democracies.

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EU-Canada trade negotiations

EU Commission must be stopped from bulldozing through EU-Canada trade agreement

European Commission president Barroso will tomorrow meet with Canadian prime minister Harper to announce the conclusion of negotiations on an EU-Canada trade agreement (CETA). The Greens have hit out at the Commission concluding this process in spite of significant opposition from EU governments, ci...

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TTIP EU-US talks

Commission attempt to block-out citizens' voice cannot be accepted

The European Commission today announced that it would not admit a new European Citizens' Initiative on the controversial EU-US TTIP* trade negotiations (1). The Greens/EFA group hit out at the decision and called on incoming Commission president Juncker to overturn it, with Green trade spokesper...

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TTIP EU-US talks

Citizens' voice must be heard; Greens/EFA backs new European Citizens' Initiative

Coinciding with the sixth negotiating round of the controversial EU-US TTIP* trade negotiations this week, a new European Citizens' Initiative on TTIP was successfully registered with the European Commission (1). The Greens/EFA group has announced it will support the initiative and will proactiv...

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EU-Canada trade agreement

Far-reaching deal threatens agriculture, services and environment protection

Commenting on the conclusion of negotiations between the EU and Canada on a Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, Green trade policy spokesperson Yannick Jadot (MEP, France) said: "This far-reaching agreement, which has been negotiated and sealed with little transparency, poses a real ...

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Greens/EFA Round-up

Debriefing of the plenary week Strasbourg 15-18 April 2013

Greens/EFA priorities for the Strasbourg plenary week included emissions trading scheme, emissions from flights, airport ground handling, capping bank bonuses and increasing banking transparency, preventing dolphin by-catch, Hungary and democratic freedoms, the fall out from the Cyprus bail-out debacle, EU enlargement progress assessed, EU Arctic policy, ship scrappage and worker protection ...

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Plenary Round-up

Debriefing of the plenary session in Strasbourg 6-9 June 2011

The main issues were the multiannual financial framework, the Eurovignette, the application of Schengen acquis in Bulgaria and Romania, EU-Canada trade relations, the European Arrest Warrant, the nuclear stress tests, the forthcoming EU-Russia Summit and the external dimension of social policy.

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