Greens welcome launch of new website fostering lobbying transparency

Lobbycloud, a new website aimed at enhancing transparency of lobbying activities in the European Parliament, was presented today at the re:publica 14 internet conference in Berlin by its developer OpenDataCity. This new tool will allow users to email lobbying documents for publication or upload th...

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You don't want GMOs in Europe?

Neither do we!

For a Europe without GMOs, every vote counts. EU citizens have a right to choose what they want to consume. You can use your democratic right to put pressure on MEPs to fight against GMOs.

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Join the Food Revolution Newsletter

Issue n°3 April 2014

IN THIS ISSUE - Revision Organic Farming Regulation: Reaction to EU organic label proposals - Food and feed law: learning from past mistakes to improve transparency and independence of controls. - Give Bees a Chance Action week: counter the industry pro-pesticide propaganda. - Caritas Europa Food Report: The EU role to end hunger by 2025 Your Guide to EU Funding: focus on the instruments for Rural and Coastal development - Every month food actors who joined the 'Join the Food Revolution' network share their story, showing the way to take back control over your plate – - Upcoming Events


Airport noise

New EU rules aimed to boost flights from airports rather than addressing citizens' concerns

The European Parliament today confirmed a legislative agreement revising EU rules dealing with airport noise (second reading). The Greens hit out at the final legislation, which is aimed at boosting capacity at airports and could undermine moves to introduce noise abatement measures at airports (lik...

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Grand majority of Parliament votes in favor of a regulation on investor-state lawsuits

Greens criticize the result sharply

Investor-state dispute settlement ( ISDS ) has come into the focus of critics since the start of negotiations on a free trade agreement with the US (TTIP). ISDS means that foreign investors can sue the states hosting their investments in front of international courts when they see their rights and p...

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Strasbourg Flash

Weekly preview of the Greens/EFA group - 14-18 April 2014

Greens/EFA priorities for the Strasbourg Plenary include reports on politicisation of EP administration posts and Martin Schulz; monster trucks, pollution and safety; EU airport noise rules; transparency and the lobby register; banking resolution and taxpayers' exposure; regulating investment markets and products; plastic bags; saving migrants' lives at sea; honey, GMOs and EU labelling; scrapping EU data retention rules; Ukrainian crisis and Europe’s role; saste shipments and the EU's responsibility

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Airport noise

EU citizens to suffer under rules aimed to boost flights from European airports

The European Parliament's transport committee today voted to confirm a legislative agreement revising EU rules dealing with airport noise (second reading) (1). The Greens hit out at the agreement, which would enable the European Commission to intervene to overrule future decisions made to introduce ...

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Car noise

Nuisance of noisy cars not tackled, as loud lobby wins out

The European Parliament today voted to confirm a legislative agreement revising EU rules on noise from vehicles. The Greens criticised the outcome of the legislative review, with Green environment and public health spokesperson Satu Hassi (MEP, Finland) stating: "The outcome of this legislative...

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Clinical trials for medicines

Greater transparency under EU rules essential for credibility of clinical trials

New EU legislation on clinical trials was today adopted by the European Parliament. The Greens welcomed the outcome of the vote, with Green health spokesperson Margrete Auken stating: "Confidence in the effectiveness and reliability of clinical trials has been hit by a host of scandals with dif...


Bee Week 2014

Greens/EFA actions to Give Bees a Chance!

Bees and pollinators are bio-indicators of biodiversity and food security: when they start dying in huge numbers then something is seriously wrong with the system. As part of 2014’s European Week of bees and pollinators, the Greens/EFA Group will organise a series of events from 1 to 4 April to...


GMO (In)digest

Issue 12 of the GMO Campaign Newsletter

EU Work: GMO video animation from the Greens/EFA group in the EP The group has created a short (3mn55s) animated video that shows the reasons for our opposition to the cultivation of GMOs in a very plain and understandable manner. It is also quite entertaining. It now exists in 9 different langu...


EU organic farming rules

Commission proposals need fine-tuning

The European Commission today presented long-awaited proposals to revise EU legislation on organic farming. Commenting on the proposals, Green agriculture spokesperson Martin Häusling said: "The broad thrust of today's proposals goes in right direction, but certain aspects will have to be fine...

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