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ACTA anti-counterfeiting agreement

New study underlines rights concerns with ACTA, strengthens calls for deal to be scrapped

A new study on the compatibility of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) with the European Convention on Human Rights and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, commissioned by the Greens/EFA group, was presented in the European Parliament today. The study underlines concerns that the ACTA ...

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Free, Libre and Open Source Software


Meeting of the Intergroup on Free Software and New Media

DOWNLOAD AUDIO FILES OF THE EVENT Speech of Karsten Gerloff (original language - ogg format)Speech of Karsten Gerloff (in English - ogg format) The meeting of the Intergroup on Free Software and New Media of 7th July will be entirely devoted to the issue of Free, Libre and Open Source Software. The...


Data protection

EP demands harmonised and strong data protection law

The European Parliament today adopted a report on the reform of the EU data protection directive, in a reply to the Commission's communication from 2010. This will now feed into the legislative proposal, which is expected at the end of the year. After the vote Green data protection ex...

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The future of copyright in the digital era


A Greens/EFA hearing

The digital era and digital technologies have raised new questions for copyright and intellectual property. How can these tools, which are aimed at stimulating and rewarding innovation, be adapted in a transformed environment? This hearing will address this and other questions. (

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Freedom of expression online


Interplay of human rights and ICT

The conference panelists will be very diverse: representatives of the Council of Europe and the European Commision, investigative journalists and internet freedom activists as well as consultants and representatives from network and media initiatives

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EU data retention rules

New evaluation underlines need to scrap data retention directive

The European Commission today published an evaluation report on the EU directive on data retention for telecommunications data. The Greens believe the report, which has revealed the far-reaching nature of data retention under the rules, underlines the need to annul the directive. Commenting on the r...

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Korea trade agreement

MEPs approve far-reaching FTA, endorsing environmental loopholes for European gas guzzlers

The European Parliament today gave its approval to a controversial free trade agreement with South Korea. The Greens have expressed concerns about the far-reaching nature of the agreement, including provisions under which Korean car emissions rules have been manipulated to allow European car makers ...


Intellectual property enforcement

EP votes fails to respond to the changed reality of intellectual property

The European Parliament today voted to adopt a non-legislative resolution on intellectual property enforcement in the EU (*). The Greens/EFA group (which had co-sponsored an alternative resolution that failed to pass) voted against the final resolution, as it failed to distinguish between counterfei...

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