The Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing


LIVE press conference 8 March 2016 10:30-10:50

Greens/EFA co-presidents Rebecca Harms and Philippe Lamberts present the key issues of the plenary session and of the European agenda for the Greens/EFA group

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Corporate tax transparency

Half-measures must be followed by fully public provisions

EU finance ministers today agreed to make the largest corporations operating in the EU report their activities to tax administrations. The new measures fall far short of the full country-by-country reporting obligations demanded by the European Parliament for ensuring full transparency of corporatio...

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Anti-corruption report led by Greens gains overwhelming majority in the European Parliament

Greens/EFA Member Benedek Javor has achieved a broad coalition within the European Parliament on a report to safeguard the EU’s financial interests (the PIF report) and increase the confidence of citizens by ensuring that their money is used properly, efficiently and effectively. The greatest br...


Corporate tax avoidance

EP tax inquiry to grill IKEA as part of expanded investigation

The European Parliament's special committee investigating corporate tax avoidance agreed on an outline for its work over the coming months, at a meeting of the coordinators from the different political groups. The committee will hold a new series of hearings and has invited prominent multinationals,...

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Taaks Avoyd — Ikea's tax avoidance scheme

Information video about Ikea's tax practices


Corporate tax avoidance

IKEA cheating EU governments out of massive tax revenue according to new research

A new investigative report on the tax strategy of furniture multinational IKEA has revealed the details of the system they employ to avoid paying their tax responsibility across the EU. The report, which was commissioned by the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament, highlights how IKEA avoids ...

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Corporate tax avoidance

IKEA cheating EU governments out of massive tax revenue according to new research

This is not about the latest IKEA furniture but about how this company structured itself to dodge €1 billion in taxes over the last 6 years using onshore European tax havens, according to new research commissioned by the Greens.


IKEA - Flat pack tax avoidance

A report commissioned by the Greens/EFA

The report shows how IKEA has dodged at least €1 billion in taxes in Europe over the last 6 years (2009-2014), using onshore European tax havens like the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium. At a time when the Netherlands holds the Presidency of the European Union, this report therefore also aims at identifying needed additional national and European corporate tax reforms

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Putting the Economic and Monetary Union on a sustainable footing

the Greens-EFA roadmap

Policy paper on the governance of the economic and monetary union and the challenges of further political integration


Corporate tax / Google

Letter from Greens/EFA to Commissioner Vestager

The Greens/EFA MEPs sitting on the European Parliament's TAXE committee, established following the "LuxLeaks" revelations, yesterday wrote to Commissioner Vestager asking her to open an investigation into the UK tax authority's deal with Google Europe, in line with EU laws on state aid pro...


EU corporate tax rules

Slow progress on addressing tax avoidance continues

The European Commission today presented its 'Corporate Tax Package', a set of proposals to update EU rules on corporate taxation. Commenting on the proposals, UK Green MEP and tax policy spokesperson Molly Scott Cato said: "These proposals on corporate taxation represent another small but incom...

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