Illegal fishing and Endangered Species

Greens call on Commission and member states to oppose new rules that could undermine fight against illegal fishing

CITES is an international agreement to regulate international trade in endangered species. It is currently discussing new rules that have the potential to create loopholes allowing illegally caught fish onto the EU market. The Greens wrote to the Commission last week highlighting these concerns, and...


Reforming the Common Fisheries Policy

Now is no time to be timid!

After thirty years of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), fisheries in the EU are in a perilous state, with depleted stocks, the industry lurching between crisis and disaster, and the continued long-term decline of coastal communities. Action is urgently needed in the reform to redress this situation

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e-fa: News Round-Up

news bulletin from the European Free Alliance Group in the European Parliament

June 2012 Round-Up The European Free Alliance (EFA) draws together political parties fighting for democracy and self-determination for the stateless nations and regions of Europe. European Free Alliance MEPs sit in a European parliamentary group with the Greens, making up the fourth largest group in...


Fair Politics

Isabella Lövin is “Fair Politician of the Year”

Isabella Lövin (Greens/EFA, Sweden) today was announced winner of the “Fair Politician of the Year” award in the European parliament. She received the award for her work with making the EU fisheries policy more fair to developing countries.

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Powers must be returned to fishing nations

Press release from SNP MEP Ian Hudghton

During a debate in the European Parliament on fisheries policy today, SNP President Ian Hudghton slammed the Common Fisheries Policy as a complete failure. He went on to call for powers over fisheries management to be returned to Europe's fishing nations as a matter of urgency. MEPs had been debatin...


Fisheries policy reform

Short-sighted EU ministers fail to tackle problems of overfishing and wasteful discards

EU fisheries ministers late last night decided their position on proposals to reform the EU's Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). The Greens expressed dismay that the ministers weakened some of the positive elements of the CFP reform proposed by the European Commission, such as on discards and maximum su...

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End overfishing

Why saving the fish will bring profits to fishermen

The Greens today denounced a decision by EU fisheries ministers attempting to delay an end to overfishing. In the ongoing fisheries reform, the Commission had proposed to set sustainable catch levels in line with the "Maximum Sustainable Yield" (MSY) by 2015, but early Wednesday morning th...


Co-Presidents' session briefing


Recorded stream of the press conference 12 June 2012

During the Strasbourg Plenary session briefing, Greens/EFA co-presidents Rebecca Harms and Daniel Cohn-Bendit present the key issues of the plenary session for the Greens/EFA group

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The future we REALLY want


A Greens/EFA conference on Rio+20

In June this year, the Rio+20 Summit will be the opportunity to set the sustainable development agenda for the next 20 years. Expectations are high because this Rio Summit has the potential to be the long-awaited shift towards a more sustainable and fair future. This conference will aim to reflect and propose conclusions on the future we really want

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Greens/EFA Round-up

Debriefing of the plenary session Strasbourg 21-24 May 2012

Greens/EFA priorities for the plenary session included shifting the focus from austerity in the Euro crisis, bluefin tuna on the brink, balancing trade with China, rights and democracy in Ukraine, taxing financial transactions, equal pay for equal work, resource efficiency,...

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Bluefin tuna

New EU rules the bare minimum but fall short for saving Atlantic bluefin

The European Parliament today adopted new legislation, implementing internationally-agreed rules on bluefin tuna fishing (1). The Greens expressed regret that the legislation merely implements the international standards and fails to adopt more ambitious measures to truly tackle the critical status ...

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