Industrial emissions

Too many loopholes in new EU rules on industrial emissions

The European parliament today adopted new rules on industrial emissions aimed at curbing environmental pollution. Commenting on the vote Green MEP Bas Eickhout (Netherlands), said: "Today's vote on industrial emissions legislation is a step in the right direction for limiting the dama...

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Electrical and electronic waste

Towards effective collection and treatment

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Offshore oil drilling

Greens call for moratorium on offshore oil drilling in response to inadequate EU rules

The Greens/EFA group has highlighted the lack of EU regulation on offshore oil drilling, notably on safety and liability. In addition to calling for stronger and more coherent EU rules, the Greens have called for a moratorium on offshore drilling - at least until stronger rules are in place.

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Bio-fooled: proposal on EU criteria would allow damaging unsustainable biofuels

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Electrical and electronic equipment

Yellow Card for Hazardous Chemicals

The Environment Committee today sent a clear signal about the dangers of hazardous chemicals used in electrical and electronic equipment during a vote on the recast of the RoHS (1) Directive. Greens/EFA rapporteur Jill Evans commented after the vote: "I am glad that, despite heavy pressure from...

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Climate change

EU Commission makes case for stronger emissions reduction target, ball now in Member States court

The European Commission today presented a communication making the case for increasing the EU greenhouse gas target to a 30% reduction by 2020. For the Greens/EFA, this communication makes a welcome and timely contribution to the debate on strengthening the EU's emissions reduction target.

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EU climate policy

New study blows through smokescreen of 'carbon leakage' arguments in EU climate policy

The Greens/EFA group in the EP launched a new study on the risks of carbon leakage in the EU, undertaken by independent research organisation Climate Strategies. The study assesses the true extent of carbon leakage, as well as policy options for addressing the problem on increasing the EU emissions reduction target and the impact of carbon leakage.

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Industrial emissions

EU industry must limit environmental pollution

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Future of Opel

EU competition policy also applies to the big member states

Flemish MEP Frieda Brepoels has called on the European Commission to act swiftly in order to help car manufacturer Opel, whose Antwerp plant is under threat.The MEP was speaking in a debate at the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Monday evening about the sale of Opel to the Austrian-Canadian con...


International Renewable Energy Agency

Brown and Sarkozy must not sell out on EU hosting IRENA

EU energy ministers will meet in Luxembourg tomorrow, 12 June, where they will discuss the location and mandate of the recently established International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). (1) Amid reports that France and the UK have been persuaded to back Abu Dhabi's bid to host the agency (rath...

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New Entrants Reserve'

Coal strikes gold as EU Commission favours funding CCS over renewables

The EU Commission is proposing to allocate the equivalent of billions of Euros to coal power plants through 'New Entrants Reserve' permits under the post-2012 emissions trading scheme. This would be at the expense of renewable energy technologies, which are also supposed to be eligible.