ITER - nuclear fusion

EP rubberstamps deal to pour more public funds into runaway ITER budget

The European Parliament today voted to approve an agreement between the EP and Council, under which €1.3 billion of the budget overrun for the ITER nuclear fusion project will be funded from the EU budget in 2012-13 (1). The Greens have hit out at the deal and believe no more public funds should b...

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EU budget wastes over a billion pounds on nuclear research

Plaid MEP Jill Evans criticises funding for ITER project

Plaid MEP Jill Evans has slammed a deal on the EU budget which will give over a billion pounds to the controversial ITER nuclear fusion research project. MEPs meeting in Strasbourg voted to approve the deal which will take €1.3 billion from the EU budget over the next two years to fund the project...


Strasbourg Flash

Weekly preview of the Greens/EFA group - 12-15 December 2011

Greens/EFA priorities for the plenary week in Strasbourg include the EU-Morocco fisheries agreement, ITER nuclear fusion and EU funds, single EU work permit, criminal proceedings and the right to information, the Euro crisis, banning environment-damaging phosphates and many others

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Helga Trüpel (EN, DE) and Isabelle Durant (FR)

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ITER nuclear fusion

No austerity for ITER with EU budget to bankroll ballooning funding costs

The European Parliament's budget committee is today set to approve a deal reached between EP negotiators and the Council on how to meet €1.3 billion in additional funding requirements for the ITER nuclear fusion project under the EU budget (1). The Greens have hit out at the deal, which will see m...

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New study on EU nuclear stress tests


Recorded livestream of the press conference 22 November 2011

With the European Commission set to present the initial findings of the EU nuclear stress tests, the Greens outline a timely independent study assessing the criteria of the stress tests and what this will imply for the results.

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Nuclear stress tests

EU stress tests will do nothing to assuage safety concerns with nuclear reactors

With the European Commission to present the preliminary results of the EU nuclear stress tests tomorrow (Wednesday), the Greens today presented a new independent study (1), which underlines how the stress tests will totally fail to assess the risks faced by nuclear reactors in Europe. Commenting on ...

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The European “Stress test” for Nuclear Power Plants

Expertise drafted by Büro für Atomsicherheit

The most simple, but no less important, lesson to come out of the Fukushima accident is that nuclear accidents really occur - even in developed industrialized countries. The lesson is not a new one; but it has been out of the public domain for some time: Each nuclear power plant operates with a prob...

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Greens launch study on Nuclear "Stress Test"

Independent study shows weaknesses of assessment

The “Stress test” of the European nuclear power plants does not meet the requirements of the EU council nor the expectations of the European public. It neither provides a method for comparing the safety of the different plants, nor does it answer how safe European plants actually are.

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Plenary Round-up

Debriefing of the plenary session in Strasbourg 14-18 November 2011

Priorities for the Greens during the plenary week included the European railway area, the nuclear energy research and EU funds, short selling and sovereign debt speculation, the UN climate change summit 2011, illegal fishing, honeybees and beekeeping

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EU nuclear research funding

EP supports continuing to fund research into dead-end technology of nuclear energy

The European Parliament today adopted a report outlining its opinion on planned EU nuclear research for the next two years 2012-13. The Greens believe the EU nuclear research programme should be limited to radioprotection (people and environment), decommissioning of nuclear installations and non-pro...

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Co-Presidents' session briefing


Tuesday, 14 january 10:30 - 10:50

Press briefing with Greens/EFA co-presidents Rebecca Harms and Dany Cohn-Bendit on the key issues of the plenary session for the Greens/EFA group

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