Nuclear energy

Nuclear hypocrisy continues, as EP fails to call for phase-out

The European Parliament today failed spectacularly to adopt a resolution on nuclear energy, following a debate yesterday. The Greens criticised this as being blatant evidence of incapacity to respond to the nuclear desaster in Fukushima. After the vote, Greens/EFA co-president Rebecca Harms said: &...

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Radioactive contamination of foodstuffs

Commission to correct lax EU levels for Japanese imports, Greens urge revision of overall regulation

The European Commission yesterday announced it would be reducing the maximum permitted tolerance levels for radiation in foodstuffs imported to the EU from Japan, after the Green group raised concerns that the EU levels were less strict than those in Japan (1). The Greens urged the Commission to rev...

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EU response to the tragedy in Japan

Rebecca Harms

Question Hour with the President of the Commission/1st Question

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19377.nuclear power plant
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Commission fears over imported radioactive fish

An EFA press release by SNP MEP Ian Hudghton

RADIOACTIVITY KNOWS NO BORDERS"SNP President Ian Hudghton MEP has today (Tuesday) expressed concern after the European Commission confirmed their fears over possible radioactivity in imported fish.The Commission has already required strict monitoring of all fisheries imports from regions of Jap...


Nuclear safety in Europe following the nuclear accident in Japan

Greens/EFA motion for a resolution

The Greens/EFA Group urges Member States and EU neighbouring countries to abandon their commitment to the high-risk technology of nuclear power and, for those which already use nuclear power, to start a progressive phase-out now. They call for implementation plans and vigorous measures to move towards a renewable energy based economy. They also ask to repeal the Euratom Treaty.

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Hungary at the crossroads


Meeting the challenges

In the context of the Hungarian Presidency of the EU, the Greens in the European Parliament organise a two-day debate in Budapest together with LMP, their sister party in Hungary. Two major issues of concern will be on the agenda: the state of democracy in Hungary which raises legitimate questions and the protection of environment as a mean to create jobs and prosperity.


Fukushima/radiation in food

EU tolerance limits for radiation in food imports less strict than Japan; Greens demand revision

The Greens in the European Parliament have raised serious concerns about the applicable EU tolerance limits for radiation in imported foodstuffs from Japan, which are less strict than those applicable in Japan itself. The Greens called for an immediate strengthening of the maximum permitted levels f...

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Energy Council - Nuclear Safety

Proposed stress tests cannot be used to gloss over fundamental decisions on nuclear power

EU energy ministers are gathering today in an extraordinary council meeting to discuss nuclear safety in Europe in the context of the current disaster at Fukushima in Japan. The Greens have expressed concern that the proposed stress tests are being used to divert attention from more fundamental ques...



Tragic disaster in Japan raises concerns beyond the region

Commenting on the emerging situation in Japan and beyond, Greens/EFA co-president Rebecca Harms said: “As the tragic and catastrophic consequences of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and the wider pacific region continue to unfold, the Greens express their sincere condolences to all those affe...

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Radioactive contaminated foodstuffs

EP wants decision-making in EU rules on radioactive foods but outdated tolerance levels still need revising

The European Parliament today adopted a report on the revision of EU rules on the radioactive contamination of foodstuffs (1). MEPs voted for the legal base to be changed to make the EP a co-legislator on the proposal (2). The Greens welcomed the call to change the legal base, however regretted the ...

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Energy strategy

EP puts energy efficiency and renewables at the centre EU energy strategy

The European Parliament today adopted a report setting out its opinion on the EU's energy strategy up to 2020 (Kollarska report). The Greens broadly welcomed the report, which calls for EU energy strategy to prioritise renewable energy and energy efficiency, while addressing the flaws in the EU ener...


EU Energy 2020 Strategy

Greens hit out at deceiving and biased proposals from European Commission

The European Commission today presented its 'Energy 2020 strategy', setting out the strategic vision of the Commission in energy policy (1). Green MEPs have criticised the strategy as being deceiving and based on flawed analysis. Commenting on the proposals, Greens/EFA energy spokesperson and Luxemb...

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