Tragic disaster in Japan raises concerns beyond the region

Commenting on the emerging situation in Japan and beyond, Greens/EFA co-president Rebecca Harms said: “As the tragic and catastrophic consequences of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and the wider pacific region continue to unfold, the Greens express their sincere condolences to all those affe...

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Radioactive contaminated foodstuffs

EP wants decision-making in EU rules on radioactive foods but outdated tolerance levels still need revising

The European Parliament today adopted a report on the revision of EU rules on the radioactive contamination of foodstuffs (1). MEPs voted for the legal base to be changed to make the EP a co-legislator on the proposal (2). The Greens welcomed the call to change the legal base, however regretted the ...

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Energy strategy

EP puts energy efficiency and renewables at the centre EU energy strategy

The European Parliament today adopted a report setting out its opinion on the EU's energy strategy up to 2020 (Kollarska report). The Greens broadly welcomed the report, which calls for EU energy strategy to prioritise renewable energy and energy efficiency, while addressing the flaws in the EU ener...


EU Energy 2020 Strategy

Greens hit out at deceiving and biased proposals from European Commission

The European Commission today presented its 'Energy 2020 strategy', setting out the strategic vision of the Commission in energy policy (1). Green MEPs have criticised the strategy as being deceiving and based on flawed analysis. Commenting on the proposals, Greens/EFA energy spokesperson and Luxemb...

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SNP condemns European deep level nuclear dumping proposals

An EFA press release by MEP Ian Hudghton (SNP)

SNP President Ian Hudghton MEP has today (Wednesday) condemned proposals from the European Commission for EU member states to dispose of nuclear waste by means of deep geological burial. The suggestions come in proposed new EU legislation on the management of radioactive waste. Mr Hudghton attacked ...


Nuclear waste

EU Commission seeks to bury real concerns with proposals on nuclear waste

EU energy commissioner Günther Oettinger today presented proposals for a new directive setting out EU rules on nuclear waste management and disposal. Green MEPs have expressed concern that the proposals fail to deal with crucial aspects of the nuclear waste issue. Commenting on the proposals, Gree...

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Turkey in Europe


Enlarged Bureau Meeting of the Green/EFA Group

The Greens/EFA organise a two-day public conference in Istanbul to discuss about key issues such as the energy security in Turkey and in the European Union - including nuclear energy aspects, the democratisation process of Turkey in the light of a new Constitution and the issue of European Culture.


EU state aid and competition law

German pact on nuclear expansion potentially in conflict with EU law, Greens claim

The Greens in the European Parliament today presented an assessment of the decision by the German government on the life extension of nuclear power plants (1). The analysis raises serious question marks about the decision and the related pact concluded with four major energy utilities, notably on it...

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Extended lifetime of German nuclear reactors

Written question to the Commission