EU climate and energy summit

The 2030 targets: what's at stake?

EU heads of state and government are meeting at a high-level summit today and tomorrow (23-24 October) to decide on the EU's climate and energy policy to 2030. With headline targets on greenhouse gas reductions, renewable energy share and reducing energy consumption set to be decided, the stakes cou...


Preparation of the European Council (23-24 October 2014)

Plenary speech by Philippe Lamberts

2030 is the next crucial milestone for European climate and energy policy; without ambitious and binding targets for renewables, energy efficiency and, greenhouse gases, the EU will struggle to make up the lost ground in the years that follow.


EU summit

European climate and energy policy risks being undone

For the Greens, there is a real risk that this week's summit could undo EU climate and energy policy if EU leaders follow the weak proposals set out by the European Commission.

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Preparation of the European Council (23-24 October 2014)

Plenary speech by Philippe Lamberts

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Election of the Commission

Greens/EFA motion for resolution

The Greens/EFA consider that this College has got the priorities wrong and that the overall composition, the allocation of key-portfolios and above all the policy direction are not what Europeans need to face Europe’s deep social and environmental crisis and meet the challenges of this century.

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Spanish Veto on Renewables


an unsustainable and anti-European decision

Join us for an event at the Parliament on the negative impact of the new Spanish legislation on solar energy. In recent years, Spain was being a leading country in solar energy. Not only renewables were progressively growing inside the global electrical "share" of our country, but a true ...

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Spain missing out on renewable energy potential

Press Release from EFA MEP Jordi Sebastià

The Spanish government's effective veto on renewable energy has been condemned at an event in Brussels organised by Valencian MEP Jordi Sebastià. A controversial subsidy system for renewable energy exists in Spain. Around one third of Spain's energy is currently produced from renewable sources and ...


Nuclear power/state aid

UK's Hinkley deal waved through as Barroso Commission gives nuclear boost with parting shot

The European Commission today gave approval to plans by the UK government to give public support for the construction of a new nuclear power plant at Hinkley, provided certain adjustments are made to the contract (1). Commenting on the reports and the Greens' opposition, UK Green MEP and economics s...

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European commissioner hearings

Cosy deal ensures problematic candidates get green light in spite of theatrics

The relevant European Parliament committees this evening voted on the remaining candidates for the European Commission for whom decision had been outstanding. The Greens/EFA group expressed regret that a pre-agreed deal between the bigger groups in the European Parliament meant some majorly problema...

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Press Briefing Note

What is the Hinkley Point C (HPC) nuclear subsidy case and why is it so important?

The European Commission plans this Wednesday 8 October to take a final state aid decision on: THE UK’s €20 BILLION OFFER ... The UK government has offered a package of operating subsidies and other measures to enable the construction of two new nuclear power plants at Hinkley Point in SW England. The twin 1600 megawatt reactors would be built and owned by a consortium of four firms, two French and two Chinese, with Électricité de France (EDF) in the lead.


Green New Deal

Research materials and best practice

The Green New Deal is the Greens' comprehensive response to the current economic, social and environmental crises. It aims to ensure prosperity and well-being for all, across the planet and generations, based on reducing inequalities within and between societies, and reconciling our lifestyles - the way we live, produce and consume - with the physical limits of our planet.

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Climate and energy policy under Team Juncker

Green MEP Claude Turmes gives a gloomy initial assessment

So, overall, are you happy with the proposal from Jean Claude Juncker? I am not particularly happy with the proposal from Jean-Claude Juncker. The structure he has proposed for the new Commission appears to be based on promoting an outdated approach of economic growth at the cost of the environmen...

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