Recorded press conference


Turkey's crisis and how to ensure a peaceful solution, with Leyla Zana

This press conference addressed the concerning situation in Turkey, with leading Kurdish politician and rights activist Leyla Zana (winner of the 1995 Sakharov Prize). The European Parliament will debate the situation in Turkey on Wednesday, with the Greens/EFA group having initiated a cross-political group appeal for peace in Turkey two weeks ago.

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Greens call on EU to engage for peaceful solution

The European Parliament today debated the crisis in Syria. Commenting in the context of the debate, Green foreign affairs spokespersons Barbara Lochbihler and Tamas Meszerics stated: "The year-long air strikes by the US-led coalition against the Islamic State (IS) and the current Russian attack...

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Situation in Syria

Plenary speech by Alyn Smith


The Greens/EFA Co-Presidents' briefing


Recorded press conference 6 october 2015 10:30-10:50

Greens/EFA co-presidents Rebecca Harms and Philippe Lamberts present the key issues of the plenary session and of the European agenda for the Greens/EFA group

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Situation in Thailand

Greens/EFA motion for resolution

Tabled by Barbara Lochbihler, Heidi Hautala, Igor Šoltes, Davor Škrlecon behalf of the Greens/EFA Group The European Parliament, -  having regard to its previous resolutions on Thailand, in particular those of 20 May 2010 and 6 February 2014, -  having regard to the statement by the Spok...


The case of Ali Mohammed al-Nimr

Greens/EFA motion for resolution

Tabled by Alyn Smith, Pascal Durand, Barbara Lochbihler, Klaus Buchner, Igor Šoltes, Davor Škrlec on behalf of the Greens/EFA Group The European Parliament, - having regard to its previous resolutions of 12 February 2015 and of 11 March 2014, - having regard to the EU Guidelines on the Death Penal...


Death penalty

Greens/EFA motion for resolution

Tabled by Barbara Lochbihler, Igor Šoltes, Heidi Hautala, Molly Scott Cato, Davor Škrlec, Ulrike Lunacek, Jean Lambert, Ernest Urtasun, Michèle Rivasi, Bodil Valero on behalf of the Greens/EFA Group The European Parliament, –    having regard to its previous resolutions on the ab...


EU summit/refugee crisis

Small pieces of the puzzle agreed for EU asylum policy but comprehensive solution must follow

Commenting on the outcome of the EU summit on the refugee crisis, Greens/EFA co-president Rebecca Harms said: "EU governments are slowly moving towards a more common response to the refugee crisis. Following Tuesday's agreement on the emergency relocation system for refugees, last night's agre...

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Refugee crisis

EU governments must break the impasse

Commenting ahead of today's council of EU home affairs ministers on the refugee crisis, Green asylum and migration spokesperson Ska Keller, who was the European Parliament's rapporteur/draftsperson on the original redistribution scheme, said: "The persistent prevarication and squabbling between...

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Appeal for peace from the chairs of the European Parliament's political groups

An appeal for peace in Turkey was today launched by the chairs of the EPP, S&D, Liberal, GUE/NGL and Greens/EFA groups in the European Parliament, following an initiative of the Greens. The appeal calls for the peace process to restart and for all sides to return to the negotiating table.The tex...

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Beware what lies beneath

The European Greens do not believe that TTIP represents the kind of transatlantic relationship we need. As it currently stands, TTIP threatens our democracy and risks undermining our hard-won regulation and standards in a host of sectors.

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Greens/EFA Round up

Debriefing of the Strasbourg plenary week 7-11 September 2015

Greens/EFA priorities for the Brussels plenary included, seal products ban reinforced; keeping water as a basic right and public service; animal cloning and EU rules; the refugee crisis and Europe's chaotic response; the State of the Union debate.