Social Rights

Making economic governance serve social justice


A response to the Commission proposal on the "Social Dimension of the EMU"

On 17 October 2013 - the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty - the Greens/EFA Group invites you to a public conference on "Making Economic governance serve social justice". Green MEPs, experts and stakeholders will discuss and debate a response to the Commission proposal on the "Social Dimension of the EMU".


Boardroom quota for women

Step forward for binding EU rules as MEPs vote to address exclusion of women from management

A legislative proposal aimed at introducing binding legislation to increase the share of women on company boards was today endorsed by MEPs in a joint vote by the two responsible parliamentary committees: women's rights and legal affairs. Commenting after the vote, Green equality spokesperson Marij...

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Untouchables: stop discriminations based on castes!

Vote on the caste-based discrimination resolution by the DEVE Committee

The European Parliament adopted on Thursday 10 October a resolution on caste-based discrimination. Having regards to the resolution of 2007 on the human rights situation of the Dalits in India and the one of 2012 on caste discrimination in India, this is the third resolution dedicated to this subjec...

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Local language healthcare threatened by EU rules

EFA Press release from Mark Demesmaeker and Inaki Irazabalbeitia

MEPs from the European Free Alliance Group in the European Parliament have expressed concerns that new EU rules on recognition of qualifications could have unforeseen consequences for speakers of languages in bilingual areas such as Brussels and the Basque country. Whilst supporting moves to make it...


Flight times

Safety concerns ignored, as MEPs clear proposals on longer EU flight times

The European Parliament today voted to support proposals from the European Commission, revising EU rules on flight times. The Greens had proposed to reject the new rules due to concerns the Commission's draft would lead to an increase in flight times and more strenuous working conditions for pilots,...

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European Social Fund

Youth employment and poverty to get greater focus under EU social programme

The European Parliament and Council reached an agreement yesterday evening on the European Social Fund for 2014-20. Commenting on the outcome, Green social policy spokesperson and vice-chair of the European Parliament’s employment committee Elisabeth Schroedter said: "Yesterday’s agreement ...

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Greens/EFA Study Days


1-2 October 2013

Greens/EFA hold a two-day internal meeting to exchange views and debate on strategies.


Greens/EFA Round-up

Debriefing of the plenary week Strasbourg 9-13 September 2013

Greens/EFA priorities for the Strasbourg Plenary included the reports on the climate impact of biofuels, the right of access to a lawyer, innovative, sustainable transport technologies, supervising European banks, mortgages, eel stocks under threat, covert surveillance and threats to media freedom, preserving endangered languages in Europe, access to genetic resources and rights, Egypt crisis and the EU's role


Youth in Crisis

Forgotten Generation?

A lost generation, a forgotten generation. MEPs sent mixed messages today to young people across Europe suffering from the effects of the crisis. We have ended up allocating too little money for too many years while imposing policies that only make matters worse. Saying “Try harder; here is a litt...

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Youth Unemployment

Karima Delli, Raül Romeva i Rueda, Rui Tavares

Telling young people “you must try harder and we’ll provide you with better training” is not a sufficient response to the massive challenge that the EU is currently facing. Instead, Member States and the EU should go further and look at job creation for young people and immediately end any measures which are counterproductive to youth employment.


Youth Unemployment

Wrong message, wrong strategy

The European Parliament will next Wednesday vote in plenary on a report on youth unemployment. This report comes in response to the EU's alarming rates of youth unemployment. However, the Greens/EFA group doesn't believe that this report gives the right solutions to the current situation and so th...

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EU Cohesion Policy 2014-2020

European Parliament stops further reduction of European Social Fund budget

The European Parliament's regional development committee today confirmed the result achieved in negotiations with the European Council and the European Commission on regulations for the different funds under European Cohesion Policy 2014-2020. Overall, €325bn, about one third of the total EU budge...

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