ISDS/EU-Canada trade agreement

No to undemocratic arbitration courts for investors

The European Commission today published its final proposals on an EU-Canada free trade agreement (CETA). Concerning the controversial investor-state dispute settlement mechanism (ISDS), the relevant chapter of the European Commission’s CETA proposal mirrors the proposals on ISDS made for the draft...

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A few EU governments are blocking blind people’s access to knowledge

Blog post by MEP Julia Reda

Among everything I’ve experienced in politics so far, the squabble over the Marrakesh treaty stands out as a particular letdown. A few European governments – including Germany and the UK – are currently playing a leading role in denying people with visual impairments urgently needed access to knowledge and culture for no defensible reason. Today, the European Parliament is calling on these governments to end their obstructionism in an unusually strongly-worded resolution.


TiSA international services agreement

EU Parliament misses opportunity

The European Parliament today adopted a resolution setting out its position with regard to the ongoing negotiations on the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA). The Greens criticised the resolution, which fails to properly highlight the major concerns with the negotiations. After the vote, Greens/EFA ...

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Our meat production and consumption also warms the planet

by Florent Marcellesi, EQUO (Spanish Greens) spokesperson in the European Parliament (@fmarcellesi) and the EQUO Animal Rights Group (@equoanimales).   If we are what we eat, nowadays we are, without doubt, climate change. Our diets, rich in animal proteins, fed by an intensive industrial...

Join the food revolution
Food campaign - The Greens/EFA in the EP

Join the Food Revolution Newsletter

Issue n° 17 January 2016

On 20th January, the European Parliament, following the initiative by Greens/EFA MEP Keith Taylor, voted to reject draft EU rules on baby food, which would have allowed baby foods to contain far higher levels of sugar than those recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO).


Transparency of Meetings with Lobbyists

Lobby Calendar

The Green/EFA group is committed to lobbying transparency and to the equal access of stakeholders to the decision-making process. That is why we are now the first political group in the European Parliament to automatically publish information about meetings held with lobbyists and interest representatives such as civil society organisations.


Join the Food Revolution Newsletter

Issue n°16 November 2015

GREEN INSIGHT INTO EU FOOD POLICY Novel Foods: Greens won't mess with citizens' health and freedom of choice Animal Welfare: A weak vote showing little appetite for improvement of animals' rights. Conference Why Soil matters?: 1st feedback


EU trade policy

Cosmetic investment court proposal fails to address core problems with ISDS

EU trade commissioner Cecilia Malmström today presented a proposal for reforming the controversial investor-state dispute settlement mechanism (ISDS) in the context of trade agreements. The Greens criticised the new 'Investment Court System', which would maintain the fundamental problem...

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Water services and basic rights

EP backs Citizens' Initiative on Right to Water despite centre-right dissent

The European Parliament today adopted a report setting out the EP's opinion on the massively popular European Citizens' Initiative aimed at protecting the right to water (Right2Water). The resolution gives explicit support to the goals of the initiative (1), despite a move by centre-right ME...

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Cloning for farming purposes

to be worth it the new legislation must include a ban on food from descendants of cloned animals

The European Parliament's environment and food safety and agriculture committees today voted on draft EU legislation on the cloning of animals. The Greens welcomed the vote since they have always opposed to cloning of animals. Read the reasons why


Water services and basic rights

Centre-right coalition seeks to slap down important Citizens' Initiative on Right to Water

The European Parliament will next week vote on a report setting out its response to the massively popular European Citizens' Initiative aimed at protecting the right to water (Right2Water). Parliament's environment and public health committee had adopted a strong report, which gave explicit ...

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EFA MEP publishes open letter on TTIP

Detailed response from SNP President Ian Hudghton MEP

In response to unprecedented interest and lobbying about TTIP (the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), SNP MEP Ian Hudghton has published the following open letter detailing his own and his party's position on the issue following recent developments in the European Parliament. ...