The overarching goal of a Green trade policy is to ensure that trade achieves the maximum human well-being for the minimum use of energy and resources. This entails the redesign of the global trade system so that it does not undermine the regeneration of ecosystems, while ensuring the possibility of high-quality employment and environmental protection at home and abroad. Such systematic change must be firmly based on a foundation that respects the dignity and rights of all people, including with a clear gender perspective, and is not at the expense of other species with which we share the planet.

Our vision for trade policy

Read our paper 'Green trade for all'

Trade policy requires a rapid and radical rethink. Globalisation currently demands twice the resources that the planet can provide. We need a systematic transformation to ensure maximum human well-being with the minimum use of resources. Read our ideas and steps we can take right now, in our 'Green Trade for All' paper.

EU-Ukraine Association Agreement

Compromise on free trade is a political disgrace

The European Parliament today voted to endorse the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. The Greens/EFA group welcomed the ratification of the Association Agreement but expressed concern with a new plan to delay the implementation of part of EU's free trade agreement with Ukraine. After the vote, Greens...

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We are on the move! And you?

Join the climate march, the march to Paris 2015 and towards a real ecological transition!

This Sunday 21st September, all around the world, citizens will come together to call governments across the globe to take their responsibility and take real action to protect the planet. In many parts of the globe, citizens are calling for a real energy transition to renewable energy sources as well as a real ecological transformation of our society. Many great actions are taking place, and it is just the beginning. We are on the move! And You? Join the climate march, the march to Paris 2015 and towards a real ecological transition!


TTIP EU-US talks

Commission attempt to block-out citizens' voice cannot be accepted

The European Commission today announced that it would not admit a new European Citizens' Initiative on the controversial EU-US TTIP* trade negotiations (1). The Greens/EFA group hit out at the decision and called on incoming Commission president Juncker to overturn it, with Green trade spokesper...

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Join the Food Revolution Newsletter

Issue n°4 September 2014

GREEN INSIGHT INTO EU FOOD POLICY Start of school year for food issues in the EP Food and the Italian Presidency: A serious priority?  FOOD FOR THOUGHT Rosa Chicken and Labelling Matters campaign Chef Jamie Oliver embarks on campaign against TTIP  JOIN THE FO...


EU-Ukraine agreement

Ratification must follow without delay

Ahead of today's vote in the European Parliament's foreign affairs committee on the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, Greens/EFA co-president Rebecca Harms said: “Beyond the current conflict and the question of sanctions on Russia, the government and the people of Ukraine need a strong signal from...

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Russia - arms exports

Cancellation of Mistral deal long overdue

Commenting on the decision by the French president to temporarily suspend the delivery of two aircraft carriers to Russia, Greens/EFA co-president Rebecca Harms said: "This decision was long overdue. The Greens have been calling for a halt to all arms exports to Russia for months. EU member sta...

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Failure of the WTO Agreement

Developing countries' interests must be taken into account

Commenting on the failure of the WTO agreement Greens/EFA spokesperson on trade issues Ska Keller today said: "The concerns voiced by India and other developing countries regarding the conclusion of the WTO agreement from Bali are legitimate and consistent with their interests. Developing count...

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TTIP: A Race to the Bottom


Corporations on both sides of the Atlantic are using TTIP to lower standards and regulation in order to maximise their profits. 'Regulatory coherence' may sound innocent, but it could have a very real impact for citizens in Europe and the US. Greens in the European Parliament don't want ...