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The Greens/EFA parliamentary group was established in 1999, when two progressive European political families - The Greens and the European Free Alliance (EFA) - agreed to join forces in the European Parliament.

Greens/EFA now includes members of Green movements, Pirate and Independent MEPs, as well as MEPs from the European Free Alliance (EFA) representing stateless nations, regions and minorities, standing up for the right to self-determination.

With 53 Members (27 women and 26 men) from across Europe, our Group is the only one with a gender-balanced Co-Presidency since it is very beginning.

The Greens a driving force in European politics, with representation in the European Parliament since 1984.

The Greens and EFA have been making a difference and fighting to make Europe the global leader in terms of climate and environmental protection, peace and social justice, fair globalisation, and in the fight for human rights, and self-determination.

We want to protect our climate and environment for the generations to come.

We defend a society where every person has the right to speak up.

We fight for a true democracy where the public and the media are able to control those in power.

We want to build a Europe that reduces poverty because everybody deserves a fair chance.

We believe the economy must serve the people, not the other way around.

We believe in a society that invests in public services and creates strong communities.

We support a democratic Europe of the peoples, regions and historic small nations where the right to self-determination is respected.

We want a society with decent paying jobs and warm homes to come home to.

A society where every person should be free to be who they want without discrimination.


We are more than united in diversity: with the highest cohesion, our group is the most consistent in its voting behaviour.

That’s why our power of attractiveness for all progressive forces and our impact is much bigger than our representation in numbers and our longstanding fights are recognised as the key challenges of today and tomorrow.


We have been making a difference
in the European Parliament.