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Diana Riba pushes for more inclusive cultural policies.

EFA MEP Diana Riba i Giner intervened in plenary today to discuss the New European Agenda for Culture.
Riba i Giner, the Greens/EFA coordinator in the Culture and Education Committee, welcomed the discussion had a relevant place in the plenary agenda, and underlined the importance of giving culture the attention it deserves.
"The European Union's political priorities in the cultural field must first and foremost involve giving culture the central place it deserves," She said.
The Catalan MEP demanded an Artists' Statute to contribute and guarantee better conditions to all European cultural workers and highlighted the necessity of an inclusive culture. 
"It is also important to promote a model of culture that recognises that women, migrants, racialised people, LGTBIQ+, are not only recipients but also active creators of culture. "
MEP Diana Riba i Giner emphasised the role that culture can play when building external relationships with other countries and how it can be a vessel to connect and open borders.
"But cultural policies must be open and democratic not only in Europe but also in their external projection. The European Union cannot relate to the world from a Eurocentric or neo-colonial model. Culture is precisely the opposite. It is about building bridges, transforming power relations and contributing to creative ways of addressing collective challenges. "Riba i Giner concluded.

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Diana Riba i Giner
Diana Riba i Giner
EFA President and first Vice President of the Greens/EFA Group

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