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Greens/EFA calls for strong economic sanctions in case of Russian escalation

Ukraine and Eastern Partnership Summit

Today, the European Parliament will debate and vote on a resolution on the situation at the Ukrainian-Russian border. The Greens/EFA Group calls on the EU to impose additional economic sanctions and to exclude Russia from the international payment system SWIFT if Russia continues to escalate tensions. Ahead of Wednesday’s Eastern Partnership Summit, the Greens/EFA Group also calls for a more ambitious, practical and forward-looking relationship.


Viola von Cramon MEP, Greens/EFA shadow rapporteur for Ukraine and negotiator on the resolution, comments:

“The European Union must make clear to President Putin that throwing further gas on the fire will have very serious consequences. Sanctions against strategically important economic sectors such as oil and gas companies and the exclusion of Russia from the international payments system can be the first steps. The EU cannot stand by while Russia bullies its close partner and threatens a scenario similar to the invasion and annexation of Crimea and the war in the Donbas. We demand a de-escalation of tensions and an immediate end to human rights violations in the Russian-occupied territories of Ukraine. The EU continues to support the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine, and this position must be consistent: the EU must become independent of Russian gas and thereby show energy solidarity with Ukraine.”


Marketa Gregorova, Pirate Party MEP and Greens/EFA Vice Chair of the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly, comments:

“The current crisis in Ukraine shows why the EU needs to throw its weight behind the Eastern Partnership and provide a clear and credible perspective to countries in the region for closer relations. The Eastern Partnership must be a primary platform for cooperation, dialogue and peace in the region. Any fragmentation or lack of inclusiveness of the Eastern Partnership would weaken the EU and abandon our partners in the region to the influence and pressure of undemocratic global powers.

“Without a clearer future perspective from the EU, based on our shared values, interest in integration and reforms by countries in the region will falter. The EU must offer an enhanced longer-term vision for the region and clear tailor made incentives for reforms, while returning to a focus on rule of law and good governance.

“Partner countries must also show their commitment to serious reforms, based on restrengthened conditionality. The implementation of existing agreements must come before further integration steps. Enhanced cooperation on environmental, digital and development policies will be crucial for the joint future of the EU and Eastern Partnership countries.”


Watch the plenary debate live today from 15:00: https://www.europarl.europa.eu/plenary/de/home.html

The final vote is expected to take place on Thursday (16th December) from 13:45, with the results announced at 16:00.


Responsible MEPs

Markéta Gregorová
Markéta Gregorová
Viola Von Cramon-Taubadel
Viola Von Cramon-Taubadel

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