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Posted workers/transport: weak mandate must be renegotiated

Quote from Terry Reintke

A majority of MEPs have just rejected the negotiating mandate for posted workers in the road transport sector. MEPs voted to overturn the decision made in the Transport Committee, where Social Democrats, Liberals and Conservatives voted against social rights such as minimum wages, adequate rest periods, local collective agreements and legally secure entitlement to allowances for travel, accommodation and food.
Social rights such as adequate rest periods do not yet apply to posted workers in the road transport sector.
Terry Reintke, Green/EFA group negotiator for the Posting of Workers Directive in the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs, added:
"It is a great success that, on the initiative of the Greens/EFA Group, the majority of MEPs have rejected the weak negotiating mandate for the rights of posted truck drivers. We will work to ensure that the European Parliament enters the negotiations with a strong voice for all workers in the transport sector.
"Socialists, Liberals and Conservatives now have a second chance to back equal rights for all and a more social Europe. Equal pay for equal work should apply to truck drivers just as it does for  factory workers."
The mandate for the European Parliament's negotiations with the Council and the European Commission will be opened up to amendments and voted on again in the plenary session from 2 to 5 July.


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Terry Reintke

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