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Transport committee told to try again after MEPs reject mobility package

Workers’ rights

The fight for the rights of lorry and bus drivers is still alive, after the European Parliament rejected a set of legislative proposals on driving and rest times, posting of workers, and cabotage.

MEPs voted to reject the package, which will now be sent back to the Transport Committee for revision.

Today's vote came after MEPs, including the Greens/EFA group, challenged the trilogue negotiating mandate that was previously approved in the Transport Committee.

Greens/EFA transport spokesperson Keith Taylor comments:

"We need to give drivers a better deal. Our campaign to overturn the damaging proposals agreed by the transport committee has been vindicated by the European Parliament today. The proposals on the table were dangerous, and I'm delighted that we will now have a second chance to bring them up to scratch.

"There can be no second class workers in the European Union. The idea that posted drivers would not benefit from much stronger protections and receive the same pay and conditions as their colleagues was always a non-starter.

"Driver fatigue is a serious problem, putting working drivers and their fellow road users at risk. Leaving drivers facing the prospect of working 12 hours straight, 16 days in a row would have been tantamount to modern slavery and I'm relieved that this has been overturned.

“We will now work again in the committee to push for serious and credible plans to protect these workers.”


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Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash
Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash

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Keith Taylor

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