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EU Kyoto targets

EU-15 target within reach, but only by a thin margin

The report, 'Greenhouse gas emission trends and projections in Europe 2006', presents an evaluation of historic data between 1990 and 2004. It also evaluates projections of European countries' progress towards their 2010 greenhouse gas emissions targets.

The EU-15 has a Kyoto target to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 8 % on 1990 levels by 2012. Within this overall target, each EU-15 member state has a differentiated emissions target, which can be achieved by a variety of means.
Between 1990 and 2004, EU-15 greenhouse gas emissions decreased from most sectors, the report says. However, emissions from the transport sector increased by nearly 26 % and are projected to increase to 35 % above 1990 levels by 2010, if countries use only existing policies. If additional policies are implemented, Member States project that transport emissions will, at best, stabilise at 2004 levels.

Despite the projection of overall compliance, seven of the EU-15 are projected to fall short of their individual targets under the EU's burden-sharing agreement, even if they implement all planned climate policies and use Kyoto mechanisms and carbon sinks to the extent they currently predict. Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain could face EU infringement actions if they fail to meet the target.

The ten new EU Member States are not part of the joint EU-15 target and all, except Cyprus and Malta, have individual targets under the Kyoto Protocol. They are all on track to meet their targets, but this is largely due to the collapse of economies in the 1990s and emissions are now rising again in these countries.

Overall the prediction is less rosy than the similar assessment last year: a fact that highlights the difficulties the member states have to fullfill their targets!

For the full report:
EEA GHG assessment


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