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Global warming and biodiversity

Global warming threats the planet's biodiversity

The Earth could see massive waves of species extinctions around the world if global warming continues unabated, according to this new study.

Given its potential to damage areas far away from human habitation, the study finds that global warming represents one of the most pervasive threats to our planet's biodiversity – in some areas rivaling and even surpassing deforestation as the main threat to biodiversity.

For the full article go to sciencedaily.com

Another recent scientific study confirms strong evidence that global warming is generating local climate variations, which in turn affect living systems. Changes in the Bering Sea's climatic and physical conditions have been observed to assess potential ecosystem shifts associated with climate change.

Source: Grebmeier J. M. et al. (2006) " A major ecosystem shift in the Northern Bering sea ", Science 311:1461-1463 (free electronic copy of paper available at http://arctic.bio.utk.edu)



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