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Pas de ressources durables sans ressources propres

Position des Verts/ALE sur le Cadre Financier Pluriannuel (2014-2020)

(Ce texte est uniquement disponible en anglais actuellement)

The MFF can play a key role in the fight against the current crisis as it can initiate the necessary reforms and catalyse the urgently needed transformation to a sustainable post carbon, nuclear-free, resource efficient, renewable-based economy, allowing for the creation of new green jobs and leading towards a renewed EU-competitiveness.

The Greens/EFA are advocating an EU response in the form of a Green New Deal, a comprehensive response to the multiple crises, integrating macro-economic reforms with a social inclusiveness agenda and green industrial policy, from the local to the global level. The MFF shall clearly reflect the political will to come to such a comprehensive response and shall become a budgetary tool of key importance for its implementation. Embracing the concept of the Green New Deal the MFF shall set intelligent incentives for sustainable growth, innovation and a green transformation of the European economies.

The Greens/EFA ask for a targeted increase in the MFF of 5%, based on the level of 2013, and henceforth fiercely oppose the initiative taken by several EU-net payers to come to a cut of 10% of the overall MFF. At the same time, we must not ignore the EU-member states' efforts to come to a new solidity in the national budgets. It poses a considerable risk, if the EU level excludes oneself from the common task to come to more sustainable budgetary policy.



Communiqué de presse
Communiqué de presse
Photo by Jannik on Unsplash
Photo by Jannik on Unsplash

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