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La dimension de genre dans le 'Nouveau Deal Vert'

Une étude réalisée à la demande des Verts/ALE

(Uniquement disponible en anglais)

Study commissioned by The Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament

Dr. Mara Kuhl - Consultancy for Public Administration and Politics

in cooperation with
Prof. Dr. Friederike Maier - Harriet Taylor Mill-Institute
Berlin School of Economics and Law

The Greens managed to mainstream ecological concerns and to show that working, living, producing and consuming environmentally friendly is  necessary and beneficiary. Now that the Green movement and their parties came so far, they have to manage to mainstream also the other parts of their values, foremost gender equality as a topic relevant in all areas and for all other normative aims like North-South equity and a social market economy. For a gender equal Green New Deal the Greens could make use of the colour metaphor: with the Green New Deal all parties, institutions and lobby groups aspire to be green. Being Green in the environmental sense has become mainstream. Now the Greens have the chance to stress the amplitude of their Greenness to avoid to become a Green Eagle on Green ground. It is time that the Greens show the many shades of the traditional Greens’ ideas - Gender equality being a central one.

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