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Une approche des pensions basée sur le cycle de la vie

Réunion de représentants verts

(Programme uniquement disponible en anglais)



Greens support a life-course approach to pensions. But what exactly does this include? What are its consequences with regard to pension policies in Europe? This meeting offers a platform for a political discussion amongst Greens to discuss and consolidate a common position. We want to learn what a life-course approach to pensions looks like in practice from regional and national experiences, and how it relates to existing mechanisms and research.





Welcome - Karima Delli, MEP


Part I: Needs of a 21st century pension system

  • Eurofound researcher: life-course approach
  • Sociologist: new work biographies, bridging the gaps
  • Social Protection Committee: issue of stable financing for pension systems


Part II: Discussion Green family

Facilitator: Philippe Lamberts, MEP and Co-Chairman of The European Green party

On the panel:
MEPs: Karima Delli, Jean Lambert
National Parliaments: Jesse Klaver (Groenlinks); George Gilkinet (Ecolo); Wolfgang Strengmann-Kuhn (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen)
European Networks of Green Seniors: Tony Cooreman

Key questions to the panel and participants:

  • How do we obtain a poverty-proof first pillar pension system?
  • How successfully does your pension system address persons at risk of age poverty?
  • How do we overcome the problems created by 20th century pension systems that focus on full-time, no breaks, single employer frameworks?
  • When shifting away from current models, how do we maintain financial sustainability?
  • How do we bridge the gender gap of this issue?
  • How do we tackle singularities within a collective framework?
  • How do we create better transition security and a stable social protection 'floor' so that people are willing to take risks and explore new options towards new green jobs for a Green New Deal?


Part III: Feedback and conclusions

Jean Lambert, MEP


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Karima Delli
Karima Delli
Jean Lambert
Jean Lambert
Philippe Lamberts
Philippe Lamberts

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