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Congrès européen des pères

Une initiative en soutien à la législation européenne sur le congé de paternité

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On 28 June 2010 the Green group in the European Parliament in cooperation with father interest groups from all over Europe will host the first ever European Fathers´ Congress.

At the core of the meeting will be the call for a European minimum standard for paternity leave. By addressing topics like paternity care, the economic effects, and equal opportunities on the job market the possibilities of extended paternity leave will be discussed. For the event all stakeholders involved are invited and asked to put forward their concerns. As a result we hope to increase the support for the call for European paternity leave. See draft programme below.


with coffee/ tea

Word of welcome

by host Marije Cornelissen, Member of the European Parliament

Platform for European Fathers

by the spokesperson of the platform, Peter Tromp

Introduction in paternity leave : process in EP and overview in EU countries
Raül Romeva i Rueda, Member of the European Parliament

Maternity Leave Directive

  • Edite Estrela, rapporteur Maternity Leave Directive 
  • Radosław Mleczko, Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Policy, Polish Presidency

Need for European paternity leave
Konstantina Davaki
, Researcher London School of Economics  

Coffee break
Launch Platform for European Fathers

Debate: a common manifesto por paternity leave in the EU

  • Rutger Groot Wassink, Advisor Social Affairs, Dutch Trade Union FNV
  • Matthias Lindner, Coordinator Genderpolitics, German Trade Union Ver.di 
  • Cinzia Sechi, Advisor on Equality, ETUC
  • Guillaume Cravero, Advisor Social Affairs, Business Europe
  • Konstantina Davaki, Researcher London School of Economics

Closing remarks

  • Marije Cornelissen, Member of the European Parliament
  • Peter Tromp, Platform for European Fathers




One day ahead of the congress the first European umbrella of father interest groups will be formed.

National organisations representing the interests of fathers and supporting the idea of equal parenting will be asked to take part in this initiative and send one delegate to Brussels.

The meeting will be used to discuss possibilities of working together in following and influencing relevant European policy making. The foremost being the call for paternity leave, but one could also think of regulations on child care, flexible working times, etc. The platform will be politically independent, and it will be up to the father organisations to formulate the objectives of the platform.


Green jobs
Policy Paper
Stock market

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