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Réforme de la Pêche

A quoi l'argent public doit-il servir ?



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The Parliament is in the midst of its negotiations on the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund for the next seven years. Will these subsidies be used to promote the progressive reform to finally create the sustainable Common Fisheries Policy that the Parliament voted for in February? Or will the €7 billion be used to create more over-capacity in the fleets, to develop unsustainable aquaculture and to promote a "big business" approach to fisheries?


  • Introduction
    French Minister of Fisheries (tbc)


  • "Sustainable Fisheries: an impact assessment"
    Arien Blees-Booij (project leader of the Dutch Court of Auditors)


  • Axis 4 or the EFF at local level
    Gilles van de Walle


  • Conditionalities in Financing - Supporting Compliance with the CFP
    Markus Knigge
    (Pew Environment Group)


  • How to Modernise Vessels Without Increasing Fishing?
    Bertrand Le Gallic
    (University of Brest)


  • Benefits for marine conservation and coastal communities - Co-management in Galicia
    Antonio Garcia Allut
    (Lonxanet Foundation)

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