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Rendre le marché du travail plus vert

Une conférence sur les emplois verts en Europe


(Actuellement uniquement disponible en anglais)


Welcome and Introduction
Elisabeth Schroedter, MEP

European Commission Green Paper on Green Jobs
Gyula Hegy, Cabinet Commissioner Andor

Promoting a socially just transition - Good practice examples
Chair: Jean Lambert, MEP

  • Margrete Strand, Director Sierra Club's Labor & Trade Program, Deputy Director, BlueGreen Alliance: TransAlta Agreement and lessons learned from the Blue Green Alliance
  • Christine Aumayr, Research Officer Industrial Relations and Workplace Developments, European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working: the role of the social partners in the transition towards a green economy
  • Angeliki Stogia, European Officer Merseyside Network for Europe: Green Skills through ESF funding

Green Jobs for women
Chair: Elisabeth Schroedter, MEP

  • Dr. Mara Kuhl, Consultant for Public Administration and Politics, "The gender dimension of the Green New Deal - green jobs for women", study commissioned by Greens/EFA
  •  Lisa Rustico, WIRES Network, Adapt - Head of International Relations: WiRES - Women in Renewable Energy Sector. The role of social dialogue
  • Leilah Ouadah, Businesswoman of the undertaking and associaiton D.A.M.E.S. - Promotion and integration of women in construction sector 

Closing remarks
Elisabeth Schroedter


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