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Multiannual Financial Framework: EU budget must drive the green transition

EU Budget

The European Parliament has today voted on two reports, setting out its position on the Multiannual Financial Framework post 2020 and the reform of the European Union’s system of own resources.
On the MFF, the Greens/EFA group successfully pushed for the parliament’s position to be brought further in line with sustainable development goals and to increase the climate related spending to 30% as soon as possible (and at the latest by 2027).
On Own Resources, the Greens/EFA group welcomes the parliament's position in favour of a range of new own resources, including green and digital taxes and for the end to all rebates and corrective mechanisms.
Jordi Solé, Greens/EFA shadow rapporteur for the MFF, comments:
"The European Union’s commitment to the Paris climate agreement will count for little if we don’t dedicate the funding towards it. That’s why we pushed for firm commitments on directing spending towards climate protection and greater spending on the environmental LIFE+ programme.
“The EU budget needs to provide better opportunities for young people. Greater funds for programmes like Erasmus+ and the Youth Employment Initiative will help deliver this.
“Brexit should not be allowed to diminish the EU budget, but that doesn't mean we want a business as usual approach. There is a clear need for comprehensive reforms for the areas of biggest spending, CAP and cohesion, to align them with the sustainability goals and effectively reduce social and geographical inequalities."
Helga Trüpel, shadow for the Green/EFA group on EU's own resources, adds:
“The UK's decision to leave the EU offers an opportunity to rebalance the EU's budget in favour of own resources. The end of the British veto is an opportunity to finally call time on the endless haggling over who will pay what. The next budget should be rebate-free.
“More importantly, it allows us to align EU funding with environmental and social goals. Introducing new carbon, plastic and digital taxes would help the EU meet its climate ambitions and ensure the big players like Google and Facebook pay their fair share."
Next steps:
The European Commission is due to publish the regulation for the Multiannual Financial Framework on 2 May. The legal basis for the various programmes will follow on 29 May.


Communiqué de presse
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Communiqué de presse
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Communiqué de presse
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