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Rethinking Europe: a new governance system for the EU

The European Free Alliance group in the European Parliament is organising a Conference "Rethinking Europe: a New governance system for the EU".

An event for those interested in the development of multilevel governance in Europe. The purpose of multilevel governance is to ensure that decisions are made collectively, with the input of all levels of government, stakeholders, and other interested parties. It presents valuable opportunities to strengthen both democratic representations as well as public confidence in government decision-making processes. This conference provides an opportunity to bring together high-level representatives from European institutions, governments and organisations, to address current and emerging challenges relating to the governance of global public goods it will allow participants to share best practices, discover innovative solutions and develop new ideas within this dynamic field while fostering collaborative solutions tailored specifically for regional or local contexts.



Introduction - Ana Miranda, Greens/EFA MEP

Theoretical layout

  • Catherine Barnard, Professor of European & Employment Law at Cambridge University  
  • Arthur Benz, Professor Emeritus Political Science, Technical University of Darmstadt

Key Note speakers

  • Colin Scicluna, Head of Cabinet of Vice-President Commissioner Šuica
  • Alain Lamassoure, Former French Budget and European Affairs Minister, Former MEP, Member of the European Convention

Audience interactions


  • Marie-Antoinette Maupertuis, President of the Assembly of Corsica
  • Kieran McCarthy, Irish Local Councillor and Vice-President of the EA Group Committee of the Regions
  • Anke Spoorendonk, EFA Treasurer and Former Minister of Justice, Culture and European Affairs in the government of Schleswig-Holstein

 Audience interactions

Diana Riba
, Greens/EFA MEP

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