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Alleged conflict of interest Czech of Prime Minister Andrej Babiš

Quote from Bart Staes MEP, Greens/EFA

During the discharge hearings of the Budgetary Control Committee in the European Parliament, with Commissioners Cretu, Hogan and Secretary General Selmayr, Greens/EFA MEP Bart Staes posed a series of questions relating to the alleged conflict of interest Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš.

Bart Staes, Greens/EFA Member of the Budgetary Control Committee comments:

"The European Commission's response to our questions on the alleged conflict of interest surrounding Czech PM Andrej Babiš and his involvement in the Agrofert group have not been adequate considering the gravity of the claims and the urgency of the issue. The Commission promised that they would look to conclude their investigation into this matter by mid-January, but this issue cannot be kicked into the long grass. Last Friday, a list of recent EU subsidies received by Agrofert, which could be in breach of conflict of interest rules, was sent to the Commission.

It is up to the European Commission, as guardian of the treaties, to look at all the evidence and decide if Babiš has a conflict of interest between his role as Prime Minister and his potential links to Agrofert. It would seriously undermine trust in the European political system if a sitting Prime Minister is negotiating EU funds that could end up in his own pockets. Babiš should be fully transparent about any connections he has with the Agrofert group and ensure that these do not interfere with his role as Prime Minister of the Czech Republic. Any assets that could potentially constitute a conflict of interest must stop receiving any EU funds all together."


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