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Nuclear and health

More infantile leukaemias close to nuclear power plants

This study wasrevealed on 8 December by the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung. It was carried out by researchers of the university of Mayence based on epidemiological data covering the period 1980-2003. The study shows that among the children of less than 5 years having grown in a ray of 5 km around one of the 16 German reactors, 77 cases of cancers of which 37 cases of leukaemias were counted, instead of the 48 cases of cancers, of which 17 leukaemias awaited while retrieving the national average to these zones. It is a higher rate of 117% for the leukaemias!

The study adds that the closer to a nuclear power plant children live and the more the risks of infantile cancer.



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