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43 Student teachers missing in Mexico

Horrendous crime must be solved and impunity ended

Six people were killed and 43 student teachers disappeared on the 26th September 2014 in Guerrero, Mexico. The ongoing history of impunity for such horrendous crimes, especially those in which security forces are implicated, must not be allowed to continue. The Greens therefore joined with human rights organisations, NGOs and student groups around the world to put pressure on the Mexican government to ensure that everything be done to secure the safe return of the missing 43 students, investigate the crime and bring to justice those responsible. On Thursday 23rd October 2014 the Greens/EFA group asked the European Parliament to put real pressure on the Mexican authorities.  Impunity is endemic in Mexico and serves as an incentive for further crime. Recent hectic diplomatic public relations efforts and lobbying of MEPs cannot hide the fact that the Mexican Government has been failing to protect its citizens and enforce the rule of law.

The Mexican Government is not a victim of organised crime; state agents cooperate with it and the judicial service passes a blind eye. Such corruption and collusion between state agents and organised crime at all levels is a root cause of the current situation. We should listen to the demand from NGOs and human rights organisations that the Global Agreement between the EU and Mexico be frozen, and that its planned "modernisation" be put on hold. It is unacceptable that such an agreement be on the table without clear signals that there will be considerable improvement of the human rights situation in the country. The Greens/EFA group therefore refused to join a joint motion by the EPP, S&D, ALDE & ECR groups which avoided any criticism of the Mexican authorities, put confidence in their announcement to investigate and expressed support for the Government. In an alternative resolution, we joined the voices around the world to stop the vicious circle of violence and impunity in Mexico.


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