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Piernicola Pedicini calls out the EU's hypocrisy on the war in Ukraine

EFA MEP Pedicini raised questions regarding the EU's approach towards Russia's invasion of Ukraine at the plenary. Pedicini started condemning these attacks from Russia and stood in solidarity with all the Ukrainian people and those European citizens suffering the price of this war. 
Piernicola Pedicini is concerned about the focus of the EU institutions; he questions whether the intentions are to win the war or to put a stop to it, urging to swift the direction toward peace instead of more war. 
MEP Pedicini asked the chamber to look at our past actions and wonder whether we were also criminals during the wars on Serbia, Syria, Lybia, Afghanistan... To open a table of dialogue with Putin so that we can stop this war in a diplomatic and democratic manner. 
EFA MEP Piernicola Pedicini said:
"In the name of all these people, I believe we must clearly state whether we are here to WIN this war or to STOP this war".
"Because if we listen to the statements of the leaders of the West, in particular those of Biden, of Boris Jonson - we cannot find a single word of PEACE. And to them, it does NOT matter how many Ukrainians will die and how many Europeans will suffer; they want to win this war at any cost".
"Do we realize that on the one hand we are giving arms to Ukraine and on the other hand we are giving money to Russia, while at the same time imposing sanctions that only European citizens pay?".
" We just have to stop this war! To stop it, we need to stop saying Putin is a criminal madman and sit at the table with him".
"Because if Putin is a criminal madman, then we have to admit that in Serbia, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, we have been as criminally mad as Putin and so we can sit at that table and talk to him".



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Piernicola Pedicini
Piernicola Pedicini

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