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Ana Miranda stands in solidarity with Brazil.

EFA MEP Ana Miranda intervened in plenary session to send her support to President Lula Da Silva and the people of Brazil following the recent attacks in Brasilia.
On the last 8th of January, a group of Bolsonaro supporters broke into different Brazilian government buildings as a sign of protest for the election results, which saw Lula Da Silva appointed President of Brazil by a tight margin.
"Brazil took to the streets to defend democracy in the face of extremely serious events, never seen before in the history of Brazil, in which the coup movement tried to annul the result of the last presidential elections illegally." She explained.
MEP Miranda, who last October travelled to Brazil to follow the elections and during Lula's take of possession, highlighted the impact of such violence in Brazil and how essential it is that people respect each other's democratic rights.
"The exercise of democratic rights and freedoms must occur with respect to democratically elected institutions. As President Lula said, political differences cannot justify criminal acts or call into question the results of democratic elections." She said.
The Galizan MEP spoke about the unprecedented attack on Brazilian democracy and emphasised the threats of extreme right-wing movements to our democracies.
"From the European Parliament, I would like to reiterate my confidence in Brazilian democracy and in the strength of its people, who will prevail over violence, fascism and the extreme right, which harm coexistence and peace in the world." She added.
Ana Miranda, EFA MEP, concluded by sending her solidarity with Lula and the Brazilian people.
"Democracy has returned to Brazil. President Lula said yesterday: "Brazil is fed up with so much sadness, so much hatred, so much rage".
"Lula, President, We stand with Lula." she concluded.


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Ana Miranda
Ana Miranda

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