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Asylum border procedures

Quote from Erik Marquardt MEP

Members of the European Parliament have approved the report by Greens/EFA rapporteur, Erik Marquardt, on: "Implementation of Article 43 of the Asylum Procedures Directive". The report calls for respect for human rights at the EU's external borders. The report comes after the revelations in the Frontex Files, last Friday, which allege meetings between Frontex officials and unregistered gun lobbyists.

Erik Marquardt MEP, Greens/EFA rapporteur on the file, comments: 
"With this report, the European Parliament is taking a stance against restrictions of the human rights of asylum seekers. MEPs are concerned about the increasing number of human rights violations at the EU's external borders which can often amount to refoulement. However, there are troubling trends to be observed besides pushbacks and expulsions, namely the lack of information, legal aid and access for civil society organisations available to assist asylum seekers in border procedure. This report calls for independent monitoring of the external borders.
"Asylum procedures can only be carried out quickly and efficiently if the rule of law is respected in every step of the process. In all the examined Member States investigated, people were detained when subjected to border procedures, although detention is not a solution under international and EU law for asylum seekers. Detention must always be the last resort, with judicial review, and for as short a time as possible. Through a broad political consensus, the Parliament has shown its ability and willingness to discuss, find compromise and aim for evidence-based solutions to this difficult issue."
"The Frontex files revelations show that there are serious issues with the governance of the EU's border agency that need addressing without delay. The Parliament's newly agreed Frontex Scrutiny Working Group will thoroughly investigate all allegations of wrongdoing at the border agency."


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Erik Marquardt

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