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EU governments must abolish modern slavery on Europe's roads

Mobility Package/Transport

Today, there was no majority in the Transport Committee of the European Parliament in favour of worsening working conditions, undermining rest periods and pay in the transport sector. In today's vote on the on proposals for regulations on driving times, rest periods and the posting of lorry drivers, none of the proposed packages were adopted and there is no mandate for negotiations with the Council and the European Commission on the Mobility Package. Rapporteurs and shadow rapporteurs are discussing the way forward today. EU-wide trade union demonstrations against unfair working conditions and pay have paid off. EU governments must now implement existing EU legislation on working conditions.

Keith Taylor, transport spokesperson for the Greens/EFA group, comments:

"Modern slavery on Europe's roads is shameful. Fatigue after twelve hours of work without adequate rest amounts to the exploitation of truck drivers, risks accidents for all road users, and is a violation of existing law. EU governments must fully implement the law and make fair working conditions and safety a reality on Europe's roads".

"It is a victory for trade unions and all those working towards fairer working conditions that the European Commission and a cross-party group of MEPs were unable to pursue their anti-social aims in the Transport Committee. The protests of civil society are preventing a two-tier system on our roads, the principle of equal rights and equal pay for equal work is not negotiable. We must deliver on the promise of a social Europe with equal rights and equal pay for equal work". 



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Keith Taylor
Keith Taylor

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