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EUCO: Quote from Terry Reintke

Today (Thursday, 26th October), European Heads of State and governments will debate, among other topics, the situation in the Middle East, the MFF and Ukraine, at the European Council Summit in Brussels.

Terry Reintke MEP, President of the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament, comments:

Middle East

“Civilians in Israel and in Gaza deserve an end to the escalating violence. We call on all actors to work towards long-lasting peace.

“We condemn the atrocities Hamas has committed against Israelis. Israel has the right to react to those terror attacks in strict compliance with international law. Hamas must unconditionally release hostages and stop its attacks on Israel.

“We see the suffering of the displaced Palestinians, and we urgently ask for a humanitarian pause that allows for safe corridors for the delivery of supplies and equipment, for the distribution of food, water, medical supplies to civilians.

“All parties must consider the impact of the ongoing violence against civilians. If we want to see long-term peace, all parties must seek a ceasefire agreement.”

Hungary / MFF

“While Viktor Orbán shakes Putin’s hand and his foreign minister regularly visits Moscow, the Commission seems to be about to give in to the blackmail tactics of the Hungarian government.

“We are increasingly concerned about the apparent linkage of the negotiations on the revision of the Multiannual Financial Framework with the possible lifting of financial sanctions resulting from Hungary’s deficiencies in the area of rule of law and fundamental rights.

“It is deeply concerning to see that the Commission is gearing up to release funds to Hungary that are frozen under the rule of law conditionality mechanism, while the conditions that the Commission has set itself are not yet met. The rule of law in Hungary is in a dire state and the Commission cannot pretend like systemic issues have gone away. The Hungarian government has proven time and time again that they are not a reliable partner on the rule of law, on Ukraine and on our collective European project.

“We call on European member states to uphold the commitment to respect the rule of law and to not give in to any attempt of black mailing by any member state.”

Russian War against Ukraine

“Amidst the new scope of violence in the Middle East, we must not forget about the ongoing raging war in Ukraine. The EU must support its attacked neighbor with humanitarian, military and financial support for as long as it takes. Member states must show to Russia’s dictator Vladimir Putin that they stand united in solidarity with Ukraine and its people.”


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Terry Reintke
Terry Reintke

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