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Jordi Solé calls for treaty changes

Almost a month ago, the Conference on the Future of Europe (COFOE) presented to the European Parliament its conclusions.

Today EFA Group President and COFOE member Jordi Solé urged the Parliament to dignify and honour the legacy of the conference.

The Conference on the Future of Europe was a yearlong process, where citizens,MEP and other representatives came together to work and design the new shape of Europe.

Solé asked the parliament to make sure these demands and the efforts of the citizens do not go to waste. 


Jordi Solé, EFA Group President and CoFoE member said:

“On the 9th of May, in this very hemicycle and after a yearlong work, the Conference on the Future of Europe presented its conclusions. Some of them pictured a more ambitious EU that, to be turned into reality, requires changes in the treaties.”

“Now, the question is whether the Conference efforts, particularly those from the citizens’ component, are going to be in vain, or they will mean a boost to more integration and reshape our union into a stronger, fairer and more accountable democracy, better fit to deliver.”

“We, the Parliament, have now the historic opportunity to follow up on the Conference and ask for the revision of the treaties and the convening of a Convention that brings about much needed changes.”


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Jordi Solé
Jordi Solé

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