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Ban the bulb

Outcome of the written declaration to ban incandescent light bulbs in the EU

The Written Declaration was launched by Green MEPs C. Lucas and S. Hassi and has been co-sponsored by three other MEPs: Swedish and Austrian Socialists Jens Holm and Karin Scheele and Slovenian Liberal Mojca Drcar Murko.The declaration called on the EU to follow the growing global trend of banning the sale of incandescent light bulbs by 2010, and to launch public information campaigns in all member states – as well as proposing an international ban.

An analyse of the signatures within the members of the new Temporrary Committee on Climate Change gives very interesting information: only 46 MEPs out of 120 who are part of this committee signed the declaration! It shows the 'real' commitment of a majority of MEPs to tackle climate change when it comes to act concretely.

See the list of the temporary climate change committee MEPs who signed the Written Declaration.



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