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Ana Miranda calls for an inquiry Committee on MoroccoGate

EFA MEP Ana Miranda intervened in plenary to raise the lack of investigation on the corruption case in Morrocco.
Miranda MEP called for a special inquiry Committee to look into the reach of the MoroccanGate across all European institutions.
"The geopolitical games of Morocco, with the consent of some European powers, has left the Saharawi people in living critical precarious conditions." She said.
The Galizan MEP denounces that colleagues across the house have happily accepted gifts and holidays in exchange for avoiding discussions about Human rights violations in 
Morocco, the invasion of Western Sahara or the conflict on the Rift, among others.
"The (Moroccan) creation of corruption networks has been backed by ambitious MEPs who want gifts, holidays, power and influence."
"They come to the European Parliament to try to influence by buying political will, and they have accomplices here." she added.
Ana Miranda MEP knows first-hand some of the crimes committed by the Moroccan Monarchy against the Saharawi people. She denounces the impunity with which Moroccan lobbyists and representatives have been allowed to wash their country's image.
"It is guilty of illegal occupation, of murder, of torture, repression and violation of freedom of expression."
"They're not going to shut us up."
"Because Morocco cannot continue to have this impunity in the European Parliament," she concluded. 


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Ana Miranda
Ana Miranda

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