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EFA MEPs join CETA protest

EFA MEPs Josep-Maria Terricabras and Jill Evans joined protestors outside the European Parliament in Strasbourg to show their opposition to the controversial CETA trade agreement between the EU and Canada.


The protest took place shortly before MEPs voted by 408 to 254 to support the agreement, which will now need to be approved by the EU's member states.

There has been significant opposition to CETA (EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) from various sectors.

Opponents of the agreement are concerned that it could undermine workers' rights and environmental standards and could open the door to GMOs.

Another item of concern is that it could lead to the establishment of corporate courts where private corporations will be able to sue democratically elected governments if they introduce laws seen as detrimental to their profits.

Campaigners have stressed that they are in no way anti-Canadian or anti-trade, whilst highlighting specific concerns with this particular agreement.

For more information about the Greens/EFA group's position on CETA visit: http://ttip2016.eu/blog/id-12-reasons-the-greenefa-group-are-opposed-to-ceta.html


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Jill Evans
Jill Evans
Josep Maria Terricabras
Josep Maria Terricabras
EFA President and first Vice President of the Greens/EFA Group

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