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G8 summit

China unveils a national climate change plan

China's plan intends to combat global warming through energy savings, agricultural adaptation and forest planting. But Chinese officials stated that China would not commit to any quantified emissions reduction targets. China also welcomed U.S. President Bush's recent proposals as a "positive change" but stressed that any new deals shouldn't displace the main U.N. treaty, the Kyoto Protocol, on global warming. China sees Bush's plan as a "helpful complement, not a substitute".

The Bush plan wants representatives from 15 nations, including China, to meet this year in order to discuss climate change and come up with long-term goals to tackle global warming by the end of 2008.

Brazil's President Lula who has been invited to the G8 meeting along with China, India, Mexico and South Africa said that Bush's proposal will not eclipse the Kyoto protocol because Bush's proposal is based on voluntary cuts.

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