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Sustainable eating

How small steps can lead to big chance for your health and the climate


This booklet is about the food we eat every day, and the impact it has on our health, our environment and our future.
Sustainable eating is becoming an urgent issue all over the world because the food we eat has a major impact on our climate, our fresh water supplies, on biodiversity, deforestation and fossil fuel use.

It also has a serious impact on human health. Our diets have become far too meat and protein heavy and too reliant on processed and snack foods. As a result, the risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and overweight and cancer is on the rise.

We can all help change things by making different food choices. So, if you are ready, here's some 'food for thought' about making
your fridge a force for change.


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Bart Staes
Bart Staes

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