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Hungary/refugee crisis

Commission must investigate if Hungary has breached EU law

The Greens/EFA group has called on the European Commission to investigate the package of new laws on asylum, which were adopted in Hungary over the past week. In a letter to Commission president Juncker, the group has highlighted concerns that the laws are in conflict with EU law and has called on the Commission to investigate this. Commenting on the initiative, Greens/EFA co-president Rebecca Harms said:

"We are alarmed by the recent developments in Hungary. There are serious concerns that the recent asylum laws passed by the Hungarian parliament are at odds with EU and international law. Just yesterday, a law granting police and armed forces the right to use force against refugees and asylum seekers underlined these concerns. We are urging the European Commission to investigate this package of laws without delay and, if they are confirmed to be in breach of European law and/or the EU treaties, to immediately take action."

Greens/EFA co-president Philippe Lamberts added:

"The EU institutions must ensure that the common and basic values of the European Union are upheld. The European Commission and EU governments cannot simply turn a blind eye to suspected breaches of these basic democratic values and human rights. If an investigation confirms that these laws indeed flout EU values, the Commission must use all means available to it under the EU treaties to ensure Hungary respects European law."

The letter can be found at: www.greens-efa.eu/fileadmin/dam/Documents/Letters/Letter_to_president_Juncker_-_Hungary_-_22.09.2015_-_final.pdf


Responsible MEPs

Rebecca Harms
Rebecca Harms
Philippe Lamberts
Philippe Lamberts

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