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Essential support for regions taking in refugees from the war in Ukraine - Quote from Niklas Nienass MEP


Today, MEPs will vote on the Flexible Assistance to Territories (FAST CARE) package of support for EU regions affected by the war in Ukraine and the COVID 19 pandemic. FAST CARE will see added flexibility for EU structural funds to be used to support regions in their efforts to assist those fleeing the war in Ukraine. 

Niklas Nienass, Greens/EFA MEP and European Parliament Rapporteur for the FAST CARE package, comments: 

“In the face of Russian aggression, the EU must act with speed and determination to support all those fleeing the war in Ukraine. We must support the towns, cities and regions that are taking in refugees. MEPs have voted to increase support for refugees, to include third country nationals, and to reduce the financial burden felt by regions. 

“We welcome that FAST CARE will be implemented so quickly, in order to ensure that money can go to those who need it most. The EU is demonstrating the ability to react quickly in a crisis and to deliver where it is needed. 

“These emergency measures are necessary and vital to support both regions and local NGOs in helping refugees affected by the war in Ukraine. However, the Commission should look to new sources of emergency funding in the future. Cohesion Policy is designed to minimise inequalities in the long run. The priorities of regional funds, such as supporting the green transition and strengthening social policies, should not be sidelined.”


FAST CARE is a follow up programme to CARE and CARE+, emergency measures designed to finance refugee support projects. This is the EU level response to Member states requesting greater financial support and flexibility during the current crises. 

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Niklas Nienass
Niklas Nienass

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