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EU governments must wake up

Future of the EU

Commenting in the run up to the next EU summit, and on the Commission's White Paper on the Future of the European Union, Greens/EFA co-president Ska Keller said:

"We are long overdue a serious look at the future of the European Union. Unfortunately, when what is needed are urgent proposals to lift the EU out of its current slump, the European Commission has merely presented a collection of vague scenarios. One thing is absolutely clear: the EU cannot continue as before and expect its problems to simply disappear. The EU’s politicians must wake up and actively fight for the European project.

"The European idea of cross border cooperation remains the best route for a better future for this continent, but we have to be prepared to fight for it. To win that fight, we have to not just defend the European Union, but take steps to improve it. The EU must be more attuned to the needs of citizens and show that it can be a positive force in their lives. To do so, the EU must deliver on its rhetoric on tax justice, on social protection, and on climate."

Greens/EFA co-president Philippe Lamberts added:

"Providing a European Union that works for everyone may mean some member states choosing to work together on specific initiatives and projects. This must be an open process, with all member states included, and cannot be allowed to lead to the EU being broken down into a network of exclusive clubs. The EU will only succeed if it is united. We do not want to see it broken into core countries and those on the periphery.

"We need the EU institutions and the Member States to change. As long as EU policy continues to benefit big conglomerates and not citizens, we will not regain their confidence. Although Jean-Claude Juncker has proposed several scenarios for the organisation, it is clear that he wants to continue as before as much as possible. This will not convince people of the future of the European Union."


Press release
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Ska Keller
Ska Keller
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Philippe Lamberts

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