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Belo-Monte Mega-Dam

Green MEPs depart for Belo Monte Mega-Dam project

As hundreds of thousands of Brazilians take to the streets to challenge the development model of their country, Green MEPs Catherine Grèze, Eva Joly and Ulrike Lunacek, will be in Brazil gaining an overview of the proposed Belo Monte Mega-Dam project and its impact on local populations and their environment. From the 8th to the 11th of July, the MEPs will use this opportunity to reaffirm their opposition to what would be the third largest dam in the world and continue to show their full support for the increasingly mobilised affected populations. The Green deputies from France and Austria, along with local activists, will continue to pose awkward questions about the feasibility and usefulness of this mega-project. They also focus on the reliability of studies estimating the amount of energy that could be produced as well as the impact of the project on the environment. They will also focus on the impact on food security and the indigenous peoples who were not consulted properly. Finally, they will also be investigating the legal issues and controversies surrounding the project, its financing and possible European contributions, as well as the responsibility of European companies. The MEPs will travel to Brasilia, Belem and the work site in Altamira (Para State). They will meet with representatives of indigenous peoples, members of the government, Brazilian Greens, judges and representatives of the European Union. Press can contact the delgation via their European Parliament offices or

Catherine Grèze : Alice Normand +32.488.05.66.46

Eva Joly : Kévin Puisieux +

Ulrike Lunacek : Hanna San Nicolo  +32.470.32.99.08


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Responsible MEPs

Eva Joly
Eva Joly
Ulrike Lunacek
Ulrike Lunacek
EP Vice-President, Member

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