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Vehicle emissions

California sues car groups over emissions

The lawsuit seeks to hold the carmakers responsible for the effects of global warming in the state of California. The environmental damage caused by increased greenhouse gas emissions include beach erosion, a reduction in the snow pack on which California relies for much of its water and also heightened risk of wildfires.It is estimated that vehicles account for 30% of the CO2 emissions in California.

California is the first state to sue the carmakers over emissions linked to global warming. This legal attack follows a decision by California legislators last month which approved the toughest pollution limits in the US, requiring utilities, refineries and other companies to cut emissions by 25% in the next 14 years.

In the EU, the Commission recently criticised the car industry, for slow progress towards meeting its commitments to cut average CO2 emissions to 140g/km by 2008/9 which means it is unlikely that this target will be met.

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